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Our Services

We are a full-service civil & environmental engineering firm providing a wide array of services to both public and private sector clients.

Nevada Licensed

We are licensed to provide Professional Engineering services within the States of Nevada.

Latest in technology

Hauntec Civil Engineering Services possesses significant in-house capabilities, including Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Autodesk AutoCAD

Cost effective savings

By using technology to improve our work efficiency and accuracy commitment to technology results in significant savings to our clients in both the schedule and budget.

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About Us

Any client big or small, we've been doing it for more than a decade!
Since 2005 we've been making Las Vegas bigger and better

Hauntec Civil Engineering Services began with Joe Haun in February 2005 Las Vegas, Nevada. Now a full service firm offering Civil Engineering and surveying services. We offer an array of services in the land development, transportation, water/wastewater, environmental, and surveying disciplines.

What makes us different from other firms is our efficient size that gives us greater capabilities in a vast array of disciplines. Hauntec Civil Engineering Services maintains a small firms personal relationship with its client, while at the same time providing all the services the client requires of a civil engineer.

Hauntec Civil Engineering is proud to offer engineering consulting and surveying services throughout Southern Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, and overseas!

Let us be your next civil engineering firm to make your project a reality.

Please take a lot of our many services we offer and let us start your project as soon as possible!

  • On a tight budget?

    We will help you get it under that budget!

  • A vast array of expertise and services

    We provide many services that others would charge alot for.

  • Dedicated project management committed to meeting our clients requirements

    We crunch the numbers and get things done on time.

  • In-house expertise to deliver all of the services required for site development projects

    And we even get paper work directly to where it needs to be on the same day!

HAUNTEC Civil Engineering Mission

Honesty - You can always count on our staff to be up front about our fees, schedules and capabilities.

Approachable - You can always expect our staff to be available to answer your questions and respond to your communiation in timely manner.

Uncomprimising - You can always expect the higest levels of professionalism from our staff, services, and products.

Noteworthy - You will always be surprise at the level of professional service you will receive.

TECnical - You can expect our staff to provide current technical advise from our staff.

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